Master Your Enemies Candle - 7 Sisters Fixed Candle

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2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall.
Thick glass candle enclosure / scented

Candle is dressed with glitter and oils.  Our Private Reserve Triple Strength, Triple Action, St. Michael, St. Expeditus, St. Martha, St. Barbara Specially Blessed Master Your Enemies Candle 

For those of you who honor us by burning this magnificent candle that bears our names, our spirits shall strengthen your faith.  For those who wear a necklace with four medals with a picture of each of on a medal, you shall be blessed and each of us shall go to our heavenly father on your behalf.  Our father shall make your enemies your foot stool, for those enemies who plot evil against you shall be turned back.  We shall fight those who fight you and make war against those who make war against you.