Blessed Favor Candle - 7 Sisters Fixed Candle

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2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall.
Thick glass candle enclosure / scented

Our Connoisseur Collection Candle dressed with glitter and special oils.  The Infant Jesus of Prague, Saint Jude and Saint Anthony Specially Blessed Favor Candle. Burn Blessed Favor Candle to win back your lover, obtain money or a raise in pay.

Dear Infant Jesus, Saint Jude and Saint Anthony, I need a favor with the special blessing that only you can grant!   Dear Jesus, beloved son of God, has said to his faithful the more you honor me, the more I will bless you!  And it came upon Saint Jude to be the patron saint of the needy-helper to the hopeless and the desperate.  And so did it also come upon Saint Anthony to be the wanderer worker and special patron of finance for the poor and needy.  It is Saint Anthony who is the restorer of that which is lost!  To you, I offer my daily prayers and pledge my faith and love please grant me my specially blessed favor!

Write your request on a piece of parchment paper and tape it to the bottom of this candle.  Anoint candle with three drops of Saint Jude, Saint Anthony and Blessed Favor Oil.  Burn daily until the candle burns out.  If you relight the candle make sure to add the oils each time.