Florida Water Cologne

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7.5 fl. oz. (221ml) Plastic Bottle

Cologne has both spiritual and practical purposes. It is used to cleanse the soul, to attract good luck and to provide protection. On the other hand, it can be used as a body lotion, in the bath, or be used to soften the skin before a shave. Whether cleansing the soul or your hands, the Florida water cologne is sure to be of use.

 Use Florida Water Cologne like Holy Water for cleansing, good luck and protection. As an astringent and skin lotion Murray & Lanman's Florida Water acts with pleasing effects. It contracts with the pores and tones-up the skin leaving it with a feeling of freshness and radiance.  Used in the bath for an enchanting fragrance which clings to the body.  Before shaving Murray and Lanman's Florida Water softens the toughest beard and prepares the skin for a smooth shave. For tired feet bathe add Florida Water to the bath tub and soak away the days stresses.