Radiant Health Candle - 7 Sisters Fixed Candle

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2 1/2" wide and 8 1/8" tall.
Thick glass candle enclosure / scented

Candle is dressed with glitter and oils.  Our Crown Jewels The Immaculate Conception Our Lady of Lourdes & St. Lucy Special Blessed Radiant Health Candle

Burn candle to regain or maintain one's natural state of being, sound in body, mind and spirit.

Virgin's pledge: My son shall perform a miracle for you!  St. Lucy and I shall go to my son and appeal to his sacred heart on your behalf.  But first you must honor us by burning this specially blessed candle that bears our names!  Next you must honor my son's sacred heart.  You must get two pictures of my son's sacred heart.  One picture goes on the wall above your bed and the other picture must be taped to your body or carried in your pocket or purse.  Write on a piece of parchment paper exactly what you would like your heavenly father to do about  your health.  We shall intercede on your behalf and ask my son to bless you and to grant your request.